As a customer you will have questions and you deserve answers which is why we are here to give them!


How Long have you been a WordPress developer?

6+ years, and loving every minute! 

How comfortable are you with WordPress?

Honestly, there has never been a WordPress problem we could not solve! So we aare very comfortable!

How comfortable are you with complex WordPress issues?
From the Database to Files and htaccess there is nothing we can not handle!


Do you watch for vulnerable PLugins?

Yes! We are tapped into all the streams of plugin vulnerability notices and will update your plugins as soon as the notice comes out!

Do you fix an issues that happen as a result of Updates?

Yes! We will fix any updates that arise from updates within reason, or roll back the update to a previous working version of your site

How Frequently Do you back up my site?
We backup your WP site daily and before each update, we also backup your server daily so in the event of a catastrophic failure we can instantly restore your site!


Do you work on existing custom applications?
Yes, we will document and work on any existing custom applications!
Do you use a framework for custom applications?
Yes, for most Web PHP projects we use WordPress as our framework to build on!
What is the average turnaround time for custom apps?
Our minimum timeline is 1 month but normally 2-3 months for development and testing to be fully completed

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