Here we go, finally seeing the end of the WP visual editor. The tinymce WYSIWYG editor that has caused many headaches and built many sites. But is WP Core a little late on this…?  Let’t look at some of the challengers that Gutenberg is up against, after all there are some page builders that have fought for the top space in the market!


  1. Elegant Themes (Divi Builder)  

2. WPBakery Page Builder


3. Visual Composer


  These are just a few of the companies that occupy the market space, they all offer easy to use drag and drop interfaces to build your pages and posts. Gutenberg has big shoes to fill as it tries to become a player in a saturated and generally satisfied market, but will the design experience be better for us?  

Page and Post Design

For all you WP designers out there I am sure that you have had many headaches over page design and little page tweaks using the classic editor, but with the addition of a page builder suddenly the classic editor suddenly is no longer an issue. As I showed above there are so many page builders to choose from that you can have your pick of the one that best suits your needs. Now, along comes Gutenberg claiming that it can visually build you pages just as you will see them live. A feature that most page builders already offer by default, so whats so special?  


That’s right, included with WordPress and 100% free.   So, my opinion is that Gutenberg is about 2 years late to the party. We will have to see with the release of 5.0 whether it was worth the wait or if it will always remain 2 years behind the times!  

Cheers! Robert

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